Programming with Minecraft

At this level, the kids get to explore concepts in computer science using Microsoft MakeCode and Minecraft. The aim of the course is to develop logic, creative and spatial thinking to the extent that the kids can make sense of complex concepts in programming such as events, conditions, variables, loops, functions, etc. through the prism of the virtual 3D world of Minecraft. This course is very special, especially since it provides an opportunity for the kids to learn through the platform of one of the most popular computer games in the world – Minecraft. Learning through the Microsoft platform will help them explore and test for themselves exactly how this particular game works at its core. This will in turn broaden their horizons and awaken their hunger for creativity.


Certificates Mindhub

The student will receive certificate for each completed level.

Bonus points

500 points

Each completed module is bringing you 100 points and the full level 500 points.


wonder scratch-logo hopscotch microbit

Some of the instruments and programming environments used by the students in this level.


One level = 4 Modules


One module = 4 class


One class = 120 minutes



Module 1 - Wait... we can program in Minecraft?

In this module, we get familiar with the Minecraft Education Microsoft platform. We get to learn how to use events in our program. We get to work with coordinates which helps us properly position our objects and characters in space. We get acquainted with the concept of variables. Without them, every game would be boring, so we learn how to use them! Toward the end of the module, we are also going to talk about what iteration is and what different types of loops there are.


  1. Introduction to Minecraft Education Edition. Events
  2. Working with coordinates in Minecraft
  3. Fun with variables
  4. What is an iteration? Looping


Module 2 - Minecraft builders – How to build using code?

In the second module, we have already gained some solid knowledge of the basics, so it is time to build up on it by studying the different types of conditional constructions. In this module, we get acquainted with the functions and how they help us optimise long and complex programmes. Among other things, the kids learn what an array is and how it is applied in programming.


  1. Conditions as part of the program
  2. Embedded conditions in Minecraft
  3. Functions and parameters in Minecraft
  4. Introduction of the concept of the array


Module 3 - Discover the world with Minecraft

In the third module, we get to apply everything we have learned so far and help the kids develop additional skills in programming 3D virtual spaces via special virtual challenges. We have a wide variety of tasks where the kids can simultaneously learn new things about the real world around them. However, this is all done through the prism and elements of Minecraft.


  1. Fun math with Minecraft
  2. The magical world of Minecraft
  3. The art of talking with Minecraft
  4. Experiment with your blocks


Module 4 - Create your own game with Minecraft

In the fourth module, our young programmers have already mastered all the basics of programming with Minecraft. Now, they get to build upon that knowledge by creating complex projects and use them to refine every detail when programming with blocks in Minecraft. The projects allow the kids to unleash their imagination and create their own complex programs using all the knowledge gained from the previous modules. This module is very useful for the kids because it develops, among other things, their analytical, critical and creative thinking and challenges them to step out of their comfort zone – they become accomplished creators, not just game consumers.


  1. An aquatic adventure with Minecraft
  2. The Underworld
  3. Treasure hunt
  4. Mastering survival mode