Summer programming academy for children aged 6 to 11 years

About the summer academy

Our program which covers the first half of the day up until noon includes 20 independent thematic days, each of which is dedicated to game programming, storytelling and programming robot behavior. In the afternoon, children will have fun and gain new knowledge in thematic weekly workshops of an educational nature. During the classes, participants will explore, study, invent, and experiment with the relevant weekly topics.

Children enrolled for one week will receive a certificate of participation, and all who have completed two or more weeks of the summer academy will receive a certificate of participation and a special gift from MindHub!

Duration of summer academies






MindHub Summer Camp will be held from Monday to Friday and offers a half-day and full-day form of participation in the summer of 2023. The half-day academy includes thematic programming workshops until noon, and the full-day academy includes programming workshops, thematic educational workshops, sports and games. Each participant can enroll for a period of ONE, TWO, THREE or FOUR. The summer academy is suitable for both beginners and children with previous experience in programming.

During the activities within the Summer Academy, the children are divided into groups according to age.

To get acquainted with the schedule of the center you are interested in use the search filters below.

An interesting and fruitful summer for your child!

The kids will have fun with:

  • Programming workshops
  • Thematic educational workshops
  • Sports activities

When enrolling for two or more weeks, each child will receive a well-deserved certificate and a special gift from MindHub!

Half-day program

Welcoming the children
Programming workshops
Seeing children off

Detailed program

Take a look at the program for our summer academies of different duration.

Topic 1
World Sports League for Robots
Topic 2
The World of Minecraft
Topic 3
Robots communicate through music and dance
Topic 4
Robots astronauts in outer space
Topic 5
Program maze tests
Topic 1
Battles and competitions with robots
Topic 2
Creation of 3D animations and games
Topic 3
Mission: Robot Championship
Topic 4
ArtBots - robots create art
Topic 5
The magic of carnival with robots
Topic 1
Olympic sports with robots
Topic 2
Program your smart home
Topic 3
MindHub is looking for talent
Topic 4
Intergalactic mission with robots
Topic 5
Escape from Escape room
Topic 1
Programming robots in duels
Topic 2
Programming 3D illusions Roboshow
Topic 3
Crazy race
Topic 4
Art festival with robots
Topic 5
Program on scenes from movies
Afternoon thematic classes:
Space Challenges with Mindhub
MindHub Games Week
Afternoon thematic classes:
Travel around the world with Mindhub
Get to know nature with Mindhub
Afternoon thematic classes:
Experiment in Mindhub's lab
Get to know the human body with MindHub
Afternoon thematic classes:
Get to know the world of technology with Mindhub
Art lovers in Mindhub

Additional activities

Every day the children in MindHub Summer Camp will have fun and develop additional skills in our interesting afternoon activities, some of which include - horseback riding, chess, various sports such as football, tennis and swimming. The summer academy aims to develop a balanced logical and analytical skills of children, as well as their physical culture. When choosing a center you will receive information about the activities offered.


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