Program with Javascript in Minecraft

At this level, the kids get to explore concepts in computer science using Microsoft MakeCode and Minecraft. The aim of the course is to develop logic, creative and spatial thinking to the extent that the kids can make sense of complex concepts in programming such as events, conditions, variables, loops, functions, etc. through the prism of the virtual 3D world of Minecraft by writing on Javascript. This course is very special, especially since it provides an opportunity for the kids to learn through the platform of one of the most popular computer games in the world – Minecraft. Learning through the Microsoft platform will help them explore and test for themselves exactly how this particular game works at its core. This will in turn broaden their horizons and awaken their hunger for creativity.  


Certificates Mindhub

The student will receive certificate for each completed level.

Bonus points

500 points

Each completed module is bringing you 100 points and the full level 500 points.



Some of the instruments and programming environments used by the students in this level.


One level = 4 Modules


One module = 4 class


One class = 120 minutes



Module 1 - Can we program on Minecraft with JavaScript?

In this module, we will learn the basic terms in JavaScript and how to apply them in the Minecraft Education Edition platform. We will learn how to create different events to control the time, characters, an agent, and other participants in the game. We will learn about the three-dimensional coordinate system with the help of which we will be able to orient ourselves to move quickly. We will use variables to make our game even more interesting. The tornado of cycles will also be present because we will want this adventure to be repeated many times.  


  1. What are events and how do they connect to JavaScript
  2. Three-dimensional coordinate system
  3. Creating different variables
  4. Let's rotate with the help of the loops


Module 2 - Let's start building with JavaScript

During this module, children will improve their knowledge and the coordinate system will be used to set a specific position from where the agent can begin to build different buildings. We will move on to the more complex nested cycles with which we will make realistic buildings. There is no way to learn a programming language like JavaScript and not to learn about conditional operators and the concept of functions and methods, because these constructions are a basic part of programming. Children will create amazing collections of objects to make their world unique with the help of JavaScript arrays.  


  1. Could we get away without conditional operators
  2. Input conditional operators
  3. Functions and methods in JavaScript
  4. Are there arrays in JavaScript?


Module 3 - Did we learn everything in Minecraft?

During this module, children will improve their knowledge of JavaScript. With solving problems of varying difficulty, they will improve their skills. Going through different levels the children will develop their skills to create different types of models and using them they will continue to the next challenge. Each level is even more interesting and exciting. A moment when Minecraft is built through their prism, understanding, and desires.  


  1. Review events in JavaScript
  2. Review of Loops with condition
  3. Review of variables
  4. Review of nested loops


Module 4 - In Minecraft we can do everything with the help of JavaScript ?

This level will demonstrate how thin is the line between programming and mathematics. Using different calculations they can build models in their favorite game Minecraft. During this level they will create a clock with which they will not lose sight of real-time, and why not make their own medieval or modern neighborhood? All this will be realistic using JavaScript and Minecraft. What would be better than having fun and learning a new programming language to improve themselves? During this module children will create a game in the game using everything learned (loops, arrays, matrix, conditional operators, variables, methods, functions, etc)  


  1. Countdown before the volcano erupts
  2. Royal rainbow
  3. Neighborhood of houses and skyscrapers
  4. Sea chess - final project